Home Automation Systems

Posted by   Ron Currie
Home Automation Systems

Spires lighting are now installing home automation systems.

You can now control your lighting and electrical appliances using our home automation installer kits.

We have sensors also that that be integrated so as to make your appliances or lighting come on under certain conditions such as 'flood alert, low natural lighting or when you arrive home in the dark.

This can not only add to your home comfort but can also be used as a means of extra security for your property.

Other functions are opening/closing of blinds, roller shutters etc.

  • Control Your lighting with automatic schedules per day and per hour and minute
  • Switch your lights on when it goes dark
  • Close your curtains when it goes dark
  • Vary your patterns by day and by hour
  • Switch appliances on and off using our three pin wireless adapter
  • Use movement detection to switch on Internal Lights or Appliances
  • Have peace of mind with our temperature sensors and flood sensors
  • Log in to your system from anywhere in the world and control your devices.
  • Water Garden Remotely
  • Access control for specific areas - remotely

Please call 01993 704105 or use our contact us page to make further enquiries.

We have our Home Automation Systems on display in our showroom in Unit1, Avenue1, Station Road, Witney, opposite Topps Tiles and Screwfix